Microsoft Caught Using Aggressive Churn Tactics on Twitter

Bob Leggitt | Wednesday, 10 February 2016 |

Churn. It's the practice of calculatedly following and then unfollowing on Twitter - purely to build an audience. Churn is something in which a lot of small-time marketers have at least dabbled at some point. But what about Internet giants like Microsoft? Surely they wouldn't use this rather desperate means to build a following... Would they?

Well, on 19th January 2016 I was followed on Twitter by Microsoft's @BingAds account. Hmmm, methinks. 63.3K followers; 30.7K friends? That looks like a churn stat to me. I wonder if they'll still be following in two weeks' time?...

Simulating Screen Resolutions LARGER Than Your Monitor Can Handle

Bob Leggitt | Wednesday, 6 January 2016 |

If you dabble in web design, you’ll know it’s now a prerequisite that your work accommodates visitors using small devices. But what if you discover that a significant proportion of your visitors use large desktop monitors? Well, this is a discovery I recently made in relation to one of my sites. I wanted to give those hi-resolution users some extra options and space things out a little for very large screens, but the problem was that my own desktop monitor was smaller than the ones I was designing for.

It was whilst in the process of sorting out a workaround, that I realised there wasn’t much, if any advice online for those needing to design for larger screens than their own. I thought, then, that it was worth me putting up this brief post offering a solution.

Ten Signs That a Twitter User Has Bought Followers

Bob Leggitt | Sunday, 3 January 2016 |

You don't want speculation, rumours and tales. You want answers. Which is good, because that's exactly what you're going to get in this, the pro guide to working out who's been buying Twitter followers. This, is the stuff that some of Twitter’s most mouthy, boastful and smug users do not want you to know…

Songwriting: Avoiding Unwitting Plagiarism

Bob Leggitt | Wednesday, 30 December 2015 |

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you’ve had a “flash of inspiration”, envisioned an almost complete musical idea out of nowhere, and developed the idea into a song?… Only to find at a later date (perhaps years down the line), that your “brilliant gift from the Gods” was in fact an existing piece of music, which you’d simply, unwittingly, copied? It’s something to which a lot of less experienced songwriters can fall prey. And if you haven’t yet encountered it, all I can advise is: be very afraid!…

Should Audio Tape Be Your Studio's Next Upgrade?

Bob Leggitt | Sunday, 27 December 2015 |

“Am I really doing this?”, I asked myself, as I swiftly unplugged and gathered up jack leads, then set about packing away the tower computer system that’s been the focal point of my main home studio for a number of years. The answer, evidently, was “yes” – I definitely was doing it. “Doing what?”, you ask… Splitting one home studio, into two.

The idea of moving a hard disk recording setup to a smaller room made complete sense in itself. Much of this hard disk recording now takes place entirely within the digital domain, courtesy of virtual instruments, and that really doesn’t require a great deal of space. But what was I to do with the hardware instruments – the synths, organs, pianos, guitar amps, physical beat-boxes, etc – all of which had steadily fallen redundant over the past decade and a half? Well, one option was to sell it all off. But as the world’s worst hoarder I didn’t like that idea at all…